Sessions and Fees

Oke Flyers Sessions Sept 2019
Oke Flyers Sessions Sept 2019

Okehampton Flyers Gym, Trampoline and DMT Club is a not-for-profit Community Interest Club (CIC). Our sessions are great fun, and we keep them as affordable as possible to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop. Please see our profiles page for more information about our coaches and the club.

The current list of sessions is available to download (PDF file, 483KB)

Fee Structure

Our basic fee structure is:

£10 per first child per annum
£5 per sibling child per annum
£13 pre-school gymnast membership
£19 recreational gymnast membership
£43 competitive gymnast membership
Recreational artistic
£4.00 per 45 minutes
£4.50 per hour
Tumbling Development and Squad
£4.40 per hour (1.25 hr sessions)
£4.17 per hour (1.5 hr sessions)
£3.33 per hour (2.25 hr sessions)
£3.00 per hour (2.5 hr sessions)

£5.00 per hour

Development and Squad
£4 per hour (1.5 hr sessions)
£3.75 per hour (2 hr sessions)
£3.33 per hour (3 hr sessions)

Registration and Payment

Thank you for your patience while we get our new online system up and running.

Below are instructions for registering on our new payment system. Attached are our dates and a breakdown of fees for this term, and they will be on our website’s sessions and fees page soon.

* If you are not able to pay all term fees at once, please contact me.

Changes to trampolining

All of our trampolining sessions will now continue through half terms, breaking only for Christmas, Easter and part of the summer holidays. Gymnastics will stop for half terms as normal, with some holiday training available for gymnasts who are preparing for tumbling competitions.

Early bird discount

The early bird discount will be available until 30 September.

Cancelled Sessions

There are no gym/trampoline/DMT sessions on 15, 16, 22 and 23 November.

Parents who paid for the cancelled Thursday gym session last term will automatically be put in credit for OCRA activities including holiday activities.

British Gymnastics Membership

Please pay for your children’s BG membership via the BG website before registering on our system, as you will need to type each child’s BG number into the online registration form.
To pay for or renew BG membership, visit, fill in the online form and enter ‘Okehampton Flyers Gym, Trampoline & DMT Club’ as your club.

How to register on the new system:

i) Online registration form – follow this link:

ii) Select ‘First Child Membership’.

iii) Select the classes your son/daughter attends and fill in their details in the form underneath the class list (the form is an online version of our old paper form).

iv) When you have completed your first child’s form, select the ‘Submit and add additional people’ at the bottom of the page, and complete a form for each sibling if you have more than one child attending the club. The system will automatically copy relevant fields from the first child’s form to save you time, so check these are correct before submitting each form.

v) When you have registered all of your children, click on the ‘Submit and proceed to next page’ button at the bottom of the form. Club membership will be automatically added to the class fees.

vi) The system will show you a table with the classes you have selected and the amount due. Click on ‘Confirm’ if the information is correct. You will receive an email confirming that your registration is being processed.

3. Registration approval

You will only be able to pay when we have approved your registration. We hope to do this by the end of the week, when you will be sent a link to enable you to pay for fees.

If you have any issues with the system, let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Attendance at squad sessions is by invitation of Vicki Pritchard, head coach. Development and squad gymnasts have the option to attend extra holiday training, which is payable per session attended. We also run day and half-day holiday camps in trampolining, DMT, recreational artistic gymnastics, tumbling, pre-school gymnastics and freestyle gymnastics, which are open to all. Club membership is annual and can be paid online with term fees. Membership is £10 for the first child of the family, and £5 each for siblings, and is due for renewal every January or due after the third week of starting at the club.

Club sessions start back on Monday 9 September.

Fees will be payable through our new online system, which is due to go live on Monday 16 September. Club members will receive an email with more information about the new system soon.