Eliza Luke - Southern Schools, Kent 2020

Southern Schools, Kent 2020

Flyers Team, Southern Schools Kent 2020Okehampton Flyers Gym, Trampoline & DMT Club had an excellent day at the southern schools zonal trampoline competition in Kent.

The club had 10 gymnasts qualify for the southern zonals at the regional schools event in November. Gymnasts can represent their school in novice, intermediate and elite grades, and have the chance to qualify for the national schools final in Eastleigh.

Eliza Luke - Southern Schools, Kent 2020
Eliza Luke

The gymnasts performed excellent routines, with Eliza Luke, Faye Hooper, Mason Parker-Groves and Adam Hazucha achieving podium places in the novice grade and qualifying for the national schools to be held in March. Also in the novice grade, Tabitha Weaver achieved 12th place, with Bethan Honey and Miya Porter achieving 4th and 6th place in the intermediate grade, and Arran Stannard-Heap and Madison Vine coming 4th and 6th in the elite grade.

The club’s head coach, Vicki Pritchard, said: “Well done to all of our gymnasts for achieving high scores in some tough classes. The club is now looking forward to the national schools and South West regionals in February and March, in addition to the English and FIG national competitions.”

Lead photo: (back, left to right) Arran Stannard-Heap, Bethan Honey; (front, left to right) Mason Parker-Groves, Faye Hooper

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