Sponsored Skills!

OCRAgym photo_200_100We are running a ‘Sponsored Skills!’ event after half term to raise money for a sprung track. This can cost between £6,000 and £15,000, so we need as many gymnasts to get involved as possible.

Gymnasts must be 5 years or over to take part. Each gymnast will set themselves a target, e.g. 100 forward and backward rolls, 200 cartwheels or 150 somersaults in an hour, and find as many people to sponsor them as possible, filling in the details of sponsors on the attached form.

They will then try to reach their target during a set time across three sessions, e.g. 20 minutes per session. We will add up the total number of skills they achieve in each session to see if they have reached their target. When all the money is collected, we will award a prize to the gymnast who raises the most money.

Download the Sponsored Skills! document and find out which skills you can do.