Tumblers Land in Medal Positions

Okehampton Flyers TumblersThe British Gymnastics South West tumbling competition in Sherborne saw Flyers’ tumblers land in medal positions achieving high scores and medals across all grades.

Competition Format

In tumbling competitions, gymnasts compete three passes down a 25m sprung tumble track. At beginner levels, passes comprise skills such as cartwheels and round offs. At a more advanced level, gymnasts compete a series of flics, whips and somersaults. Gymnasts are also required to perform a range and conditioning routine, to show the judges that they have adequate physical preparation in strength and flexibility for the skills they are performing on the tumble track.


Okehampton Flyers Tumblers At club level 1, 9-10 girls, Myla Spencer completed three neat passes in her first tumbling competition to win gold. In their second tumbling competition, Evie Nicks performed three fast and tidy passes to come first in club 2, 7-8 girls, with Emily Tripp performing three neat passes in club 2, 9-10 girls, to come 4th.

In club level 2, 11-12 girls, Bracken Granger and Vanesa Valdmane showed style in their passes, securing a silver and bronze medal respectively, with Bracken narrowly missing the gold medal position by 0.1. Toby Uglow also performed quick, solid passes to come 2nd in the club 2, 11-12 boys class.

In the more advanced club level 3, 11-12 girls, Ella Godfrey took the silver medal, with Connie James coming 4th. Sophie Ware took the gold medal in club 3, 13+ girls, all with tidy passes and flics.

Teegan Smith and Amelie West performed three series of fast flics and somersaults to secure a bronze medal and a 6th place in club 5, 15+ girls.

To top an excellent day, Teegan Smith won the range and conditioning class, achieving extremely high scores in both strength and flexibility.

Thank you very much to Teegan Smith for judging, and to Vicki Pritchard for coaching over the day.

Across the Season

Okehampton Flyers has had a great many competitive successes, with numerous British Gymnastics national and South West medals before the pandemic, and has continued its success this season in trampolining, double mini trampoline and tumbling, with one of its gymnasts already achieving a British Gymnastics national ranking of 6th in individual trampoline.

Photo 1 – (left to right) Myla Spencer, Ella Godfrey, Teegan Smith, Sophie Ware, Amelie West, Connie James

Photo 2 – (back, left to right) Vanesa Valdmane, Bracken Granger, Toby Uglow; (front, left to right) Emily Tripp, Evie Nicks

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