Flyers medal winners, SW Regionals, Bath, 2020

South West regional trampoline and DMT, Bath, March 2020

Flyers medal winners, SW Regionals, Bath, 2020Okehampton Flyers Gym, Trampoline & DMT Club won several individual medals at the South West regional trampoline and DMT competition in Bath in March.

In NDP1 trampoline, Okehampton Flyers gymnasts showed excellent form in their routines, with Faye Hooper achieving 1st place in NDP1 11-12, Adela Wrzecionko achieving 2nd place in NDP1 9-10, and Alice Smith winning a bronze medal in NDP1 13-17.

Eliza Luke performed two sharp routines to win a silver medal in the NDP3 13-17 girls category, with Dylan Rundle also showing good form to come 4th in NDP3 13-17 boys. In NDP4 13-17 girls, Miya Porter and Yasmin Rundle performed stylish routines to come 2nd and 4th respectively, with Oliver Vine also giving neat performances to achieve 1st place in NDP4 11-12 boys.

For double mini trampoline (DMT), Eliza Luke won NDP2 13+ and Miya Porter came 9th, both with excellent form. Imogen Spooncer and Madison Vine also competed neat passes to take silver and bronze in NDP3 13+.

The club’s head coach Vicki Pritchard said: ‘Thank you to all of our coaches, judges and bed marshalls who helped on the day and to the club coaches and gymnasts for their hard work in preparing for the competition. The club has achieved 18 qualification places for the NDP South West team qualifier on 29 March, and is looking forward to competing at this event in Bath, as well as the national schools final in Eastleigh.’

The club is raising money for more trampolines, an international standard double mini trampoline and a longer tumble track.

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