4 for 4 at South West Tumbling

Faye Hooper, Freya Cavalier-White, Bethan Honey and Eliza LukeOkehampton Flyers Gym, Trampoline & DMT Club tumbling gymnasts have won four gold medals in their first South West club tumbling competition.

The Flyers’ four gymnasts each performed three passes linking gymnastics skills on a sprung tumble track in front of a panel of judges.

Congratulations to Faye Hooper, Freya Cavalier-White, Bethan Honey and Eliza Luke for performing such quality passes to each win gold in their classes.

The club’s head coach, Vicki Pritchard, said: “We are thrilled with the result and the excellent form shown by our gymnasts. Okehampton Flyers gymnasts are now working towards more tumbling competitions next year.’

Okehampton Flyers competes tumbling, trampolining and double mini trampoline (DMT), and runs sessions in mini gym and trampoline. The club is raising money to lengthen its tumble track and to purchase an international standard double mini trampoline.

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